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If you would like to reduce your taxes by thousands – even tens of thousands – then this is the most important tax review you’ll have.

Here’s why:

Firstly, our free consultations are tailored to you; your business, your situation, your tax-savings. None of that vaguely relevant cookie-cutter theory. That’s not our style. Our accountants offer advice to help you maximise tax savings according to your needs and wants.

The insights shared in these tax reviews are real, actionable, and, most importantly, useful! 

And we follow our own accounting advice…

In the last 12 months alone, we gave away 238 accounting reviews and found tax savings for 202 of them. The total tax saved for people in those reviews? $4,046,000 (not a typo). Not to mention the additional revenue, wealth, and asset protection gained by putting our recommendations into place.

What would an extra $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 per year do for your life? Those are the kinds of tax savings we help our clients get. And best of all, most of the strategies our accountant team talk about are simple to implement yourself. Just one change alone could reduce your tax by tens of thousands of dollars.

Ready to reduce your taxes? Request a complimentary tax review for yourself by filling out the form on this page. We’ll get back to you within the hour to schedule a time and date with our accountant.


Meet Aaron.

We saved him $11,788 during one of our free tax and accounting reviews.

Here’s what happened:

Prior to meeting with our accountant, Aaron was claiming incorrect depreciation which meant he was paying $6,938 more than he needed to.

Accounting dividends were also issued incorrectly which meant income was recorded at an amount $20,000 higher.

After talking Aaron through his business situation we found the accounting errors, corrected them and saved him a whopping $11,788 in taxes.


And another client, David.

When we met, David was planning to distribute profits from the sale of his business so he could retire and pay off his home.

Instead, during the free consultation, we recommended loaning the funds to the business owner using a Division 7A, secured against the house with a 25-year repayment term.

The repayments meant David stayed in a lower tax bracket and spread taxes out over the next 25 years.

And what was the result of David following this accounting advice? A total tax saving of $265,000! Just by making one small change. Not a bad little bonus to have during retirement.

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I had the same accountant for 35 years and upon his retirement, knew it would be tough to find someone to fill those shoes. Then I met Dom and found him to be very practical and with a vast knowledge of offshore and international tax laws. I’m very impressed, Dom and his team have been fantastic, anyone with international businesses would benefit greatly from Dom and the Qubik team!

– Kerry Moore, Lifestyle Accessories

But our accounting consultations aren’t just for tax saving.

Our accountants also give valuable advice to help people protect their valuable assets from financial or legal crises. If you own a business and a home – or even several high-value assets – those personal assets could be at risk.

Without proper protection in place, creditors can claim the family home, car, boat, or even jewellery, to pay outstanding debts. But with a smart asset protection strategy those personal and business assets will be protected in a crisis.

And just like our valuable tax reviews, we give a lot of useful advice in our accounting consultations.

Take Jared, for example.

Jared had a business with over $2 Million of business equipment held in their trading entity. Of course, that’s very risky because in the event of a crisis, that $2 million worth of equipment is exposed and could be being taken by creditors looking to repay debt.

So what did our accountant recommend? Consolidating the entire group and transferring the equipment into a new subsidiary – completely tax free. That added layers of protection to those assets and will now save them from being taken in a crisis.

Get in touch with us to discuss smart protection strategy for your business and valuable assets.

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I have been working with Dom and his team for 10 years, I tell people if I could give you 20k today or get you to speak with Dom and his team I would always choose the latter without hesitation.

– Dean O’Byrne, Unified Solutions Australia